Want To Create Surveys?

If you are interested in setting up your own internet survey you have come to the right place. For more information about Survey.Net check out our online FAQ.

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What Is Survey.Net?

1 Survey.Net is a tool that enables you to build your own internet survey on the internet. You don't have to install any software - all you and your respondents need is a web browser.
2 Building your survey is a simple 3 step process. Create a survey then add your questions, codes and logic or use the file upload facility to import your survey question and codes.
3 Survey.Net provides instant survey results in a graphical format. There is also a query builder so you can drill down into your data, a table builder so you can run those crosstabs and the ability to download the data.

Do all this over the internet where ever, whenever and as often as you want. For details about task specific functionality please review our online FAQ.

Who Developed It?

Survey.Net is a research and development project sponsored by Catalyst IT. If you are interested in more information about Survey.Net, having Survey.Net on your own Intranet or in building your own web-database solution please email your to Catalyst IT.